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Powerhouse Museum teams with MBF Foundation on exciting new high-tech development
Children will soon have the chance to view the positive impact of a healthier lifestyle that includes a low-fat, low-sugar diet with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables and regular exercise while playing at the Powerhouse Museum.

Then with the press of a button, they will be able to look into an unhealthy future to see the impact on their bodies of 20 years consuming junk food and sweetened drinks and a sedentary lifestyle.

It's all part of an exciting new state-of-the-art interactive exhibit under development at the museum, funded by MBF Foundation, to teach young children and their families about healthy eating and activity in a fun and entertaining way as part of the community's response to Australia's obesity epidemic.
Dr Christine Bennett, chair of the MBF Foundation steering committee and chief medical officer at MBF, said having a glimpse of the future will provide a powerful encouragement to parents and their children to make good lifestyle choices that will see them living long and well.

"Viewing the effect of different lifestyles on your future body will be a real motivator for children at a time when they are forming lifelong activity and eating habits," she said.

Audio Producer: Tony Peterson. Studio: Top Spots Digital


Ecotown is an interactive program in the EcoLogic exhibition and playable on the Powerhouse Museum site. Commisioned in 2002, it's considered one of the first calculator of it's type.

It demonstrates the use of sustainability indicators at a community level.

A sustainable indicator provides information on how far a community is from its goal of sustainable development. Discussion is needed over what the community really values.

Your Face our Space

This website was a breakout promotion for

Functionality included the ability to load up images of yourself and have listeners to the Benchwarmers radio show "rate you'.

Copy: Tony Peterson. Art Direction: Mark Eland. Production Company: Legion Interactive. Client: MRW/Southern Cross Media

Strasburg Clock

For over a century the Strasburg Clock model has been one of the most popular exhibits in the Museum. A young Sydney clockmaker, Richard Bartholomew Smith (1862-1942), built this model of a famous clock in Strasbourg, France between 1887 and 1889. In the following year the NSW Government purchased the model for £700 and arranged to put it on display at the Technological Museum, as this Museum was then known. There it soon became the main attraction.

The Museum’s model operates every day starting six minutes before each hour. After some appropriate Australian music and a brief commentary, the procession of the Apostles tells a story from the Christian bible. In an alcove figures representing the four ages of Man change every quarter of an hour while there is also a crowing rooster and two cherubs, one of which turns a sandglass. Among a variety of fascinating dials one shows the position of the planets in relation to the Sun and another shows how the Sun, the moon and the stars appear over Sydney.

Script and audio production - Tony Peterson

A new site for MTU

MTU Training Concepts Pty Ltd needed to update their web site, so that's what we did. Their site needed a fresh coat of paint, more information added and had to be moved to new a host & server, (the previous URL was rather long).

Going Green?

In 2003, Sydney's Powerhouse Museum launched their Ecologic installation featuring many multimedia displays. Tony & Col contributed by writing and producing many of the soundtracks to many of the interactive installations, including Big Foot (featuring the voice of Ian Turpie) and EcoTown. Audio Studio: Top Spots digital (TSD)
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